The Permanent Hair Straightening is the latest innovator process, efficient and safe for your hair.

It is efficient because is capable to reconstruct the damage left by the conventional straightening methods (such as japanese straightening and afro relaxer methods). And safe because doesn’t contain any strong chemicals it can be done in any type: AFRO, CURLY, WAVY, FRIZZY, PREVIOUSLY STRAIGHTENED AND COLORED INCLUDING HIGHLIGHTED HAIR.
The Permanent Hair Straightening contains a mix natural ingredients such as: cocoa, oats, aloe vera, keratin, allied to a compound of amino acids, vitamins with a combination of silicone.

How The Product Works:

The process is very similar to the Traditional Method it is also activated by the heat, the hot iron seals the product into the hair cuticle, promoting an intensive treatment, providing a long a durable nourishment, improving the condition of the hair.

The treatment lasts from 4 to 6 months

The best part about this product is:

the client is able to wash the hair immediately!

doesn’t make smoke,

doesn’t have any strong smell,doesn’t make the hair greasy,

every time you have the treatment done you get a better result,

the result is far superior from our competitors we guarantee that.


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